Wondering Wednesdays – the tea shop tour


I nearly called this blog “If you build it…” a tribute to my favourite film field of dreams. But the statement isn’t always true. These past few weeks I have had a few more tea and coffee shop trips than is usual and I have been pondering on their qualities.

The picture is the Mercian Centre where we went to build our coracle, it also hosts St Joseph’s Tea Room with lovely cakes and lunches – we had one of our favourites melanzane parmigiana (although it was called aubergine bake). The Centre is in the middle of nowhere which is what prompted my if you build it thought. While we were there building our coracle on the patio so many people came through – diverse in all different ways. It is a homely, comfortable place which feels peaceful and relaxing, somewhere to change pace and perhaps have a chat…

We also went to Betty’s which is the other end of tea rooms – a treat of the classic English sort. Good service, good food and a sense of stepping back in time. A treat which takes me back a bit to childhood…

If you know me in real life you know that I fade as it gets later and later in the day, my biggest treats are often day time visits to places such as these – I am not and probably never really have been a night out person, that’s not how I am made. I am grateful for those who take the risk to start a new tea or coffee shop, I try to go to independent ones or at least the most fairly traded ones I am aware of and I am very excited that I can now walk to a coffee shop in about five minutes, Eden, run by our local YMCA so I even feel like I am supporting a good cause.

I am also very aware of how the staff make a difference and how much more I enjoy the experience if the service is right – I deliberately didn’t say good – it can be so much more than that…


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