Honest Christianity – speaking truth to power

bob holman
Bob Holman’s funeral was this week. He is most well known for leaving his lecturing job in Bath and becoming a community worker, initially in Bath but then moving onto the Easterhouse estate in Glasgow. Sally and I had the privilege of spending some time with him and his wife 25 plus years ago. He continued to inspire us to tangible inner city Christianity particularly during my Curacy in Aston. It was said of him that he ‘spoke truth to power’. I guess this is what many of us don’t think happened during the EU referendum debate. Accusations of speaking and stoking fear has been frequently heard. Did any of us really know then or even now, what will happen?

If ‘perfect love casts out fear’, then I suspect that sacrificial love has not been in abundance in the presentation of the arguments and the consequential motivation in voting. Bob didn’t have the opportunity to vote I do know that he would only speak truth, love, Peace and grace to power.

R.I.P. Bob and thank you for modelling honest and real Christianity to us.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – speaking truth to power

  1. I never had the privilege of meeting Bob, but I always found his articles for the Guardian to be insightful and thought provoking. R.I.P. (or possibly come back and haunt a few of our current crop of politicians)

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