Friday photo – love your neighbour


A selfie with my friend Liz Dumain who is one of the Assistant Directors of Mission in the Diocese of Birmingham as we wait for the launch of the love your neighbour campaign this morning. See for full details and to order posters like the one Liz is holding. This is the introduction from the website:

Over many generations people have made Birmingham their home, built it up and found they can belong here. Birmingham is a great city because of its diversity but we cannot take that diversity for granted… We cannot love our neighbour if we do not know our neighbour, understand them and their culture, faith and identity. We all need to build friendships that cement our city together, crossing those differences that can become barriers such as age, social background, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and faith – working for peace alongside all people of goodwill.

We must meet hate with love, confusion with hope, anger with peace and fear with joy.

The ‘love your neighbour’ campaign is owned by us all and seeks to draw people together and to believe the very best for our city and region.

It is rare for work to be flexible enough to get to things which are announced with less thsn 24 hours notice but I am very grateful that I was able to be at the launch of this today and to see a diverse group of people gathering together to say we need to love one another and show kindness towards one another.

I have taken a poster into our local cafe and asked them to display it and Hodge Hill Church will have a banner outside as soon as we can get one although it is a message we have been trying to communicate for a long time!

Love your neighbour, do something kind – a message for all times and all places, not just Birmingham.


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