Honest Christianity – what is at our core?

russian dolls

Sally and I have just got back from our annual retreat. One of the reflection resources used was the nesting Russian dolls, one inside another and another… We reflected together on our different selves and those others see or not.

All the dolls were hollow to allow for the next one to be inside it. The smallest of them, the final one was different. It was solid. The reflection I made was the question, what is my solid spiritual centre? What is the most important, essential element of who I am? What is identity, the building block for us to develop as human beings?

We reflected within the group what this could be. The main answer we could give is being the beloved of God. We concluded there was nothing more centric and primary to being human, than being first and foremost someone who is unconditionally loved by God.

Can you think of anything else it could be?


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