Go the distance – repairing our refuges

Rotting shelter

Our psalm for our Psalm Sunday communion reflection today was psalm 46, God is our refuge. As we discussed it over breakfast, (yes I know, very civilised) my mind went to our retreat the previous week. As usual we walked the pilgrims’ way. Over the last few years we have noticed that a few of the marker posts were missing. This year there were even more and also some rot damage to the shelters. Some of the rungs on the ladders were gone and in the one we went up into for lunch, there was damage to the floor. How long will it all last without serious repair? Whose responsibility are they?

When we think about what are the marker posts and refuge shelters in our lives, this
observation begs the question, which ones need some repair, what ones have been worn
out in the wear and tear and storms of life?

Whatever they are, I suspect it is my responsibility to check and oversee repairs. God is my refuge, but some of the resources God has given me, are less perfect.


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