Honest Christianity – criteria for judgement


Last week I was invited to speak about religious and cultural tensions in healthcare. One of the questions we explored was ‘In what circumstances would it be appropriate to question or challenge the requests of families?’ The deliberations were around harm to the child, what would be in the best interest of the child? This sounds helpful until we ask clarification of whose definition of harm and best interest? When we look around our world and listen to the news, we see expressions of what people are willing to do.

The dilemma occurs when we have a difference of opinion of what is best for us and our loved ones based on our beliefs, values, trusting ultimately in God etc. and these will at sometime clash with those around us. This is also aided by hearing not just what but also why someone holds a certain position. We have a spiritual care card which says what does it feel like to be in your slippers? There are a lot of situations when we need to know the answer to that question if we want to challenge or question.


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