Honest Christianity -Christian sporting competitiveness

Cranmer cup win

Cranmer Cup 2016 Celtic Manor

This week I played golf for Great Britain and Ireland Anglican clergy against our North American counterparts. It is played in teams of 16 in a similar style to the Ryder Cup. For the first time in 10 years, GB&I won.

During the 4 day match it was suggested that the Christian spirit in which to play each game was to wish your opponent that they win. This it was suggested was the competitive outworking of really loving each other. Emm! I personally wished my opponent that they play well, and in playing that was what I sought to do. If I got to the end of the round and felt that I had played well then I was happy, the result was secondary.

In sporting competition is this what it means to love my golfing partner? What do you think?


One thought on “Honest Christianity -Christian sporting competitiveness

  1. If it is a competitive sporting contest, I think that you are dishonouring your opponent if you are not trying to beat him or her. The manner in which you win or lose is probably more important than the actual winning or losing, but I think it is important that you should be trying to win.

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