Wondering Wednesdays – recipient of grace


You know when you volunteer to do something and it sounds so very simple! Well I did that and it was so very complicated! All I offered to do was be a signatory on a bank account for a charity I am a trustee of – I had forgotten how all the regulations had changed. I needed to prove who I was, I gathered all my information and went off to the post office and was told that they didn’t offer that service although their website says they do! I finally managed to find a day where I had time to visit a lawyer to get them to endorse photo id and a utility bill. I was immensely blessed when told that there would be no charge as it was for a charity!

I appreciated that Zoe had the autonomy to do that for me, not all organizations allow their staff to exercise grace in such a way, there are rules and regulations that have to be followed. It happened the other week too when I had made a mess of a rail booking, the lovely person at Virgin made it work for me without charging me extra! On both those occasions I was full of gratitude and felt immensely blessed. I get frustrated some times at work that I do not have the autonomy to make gracious decisions in response to things that students have or have not done, there are regulations and fairness to consider. But there are days when we all benefit from a bit of grace.


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