Honest Christianity – making the most of resources

Halton quay 3

Tonight we worshipped here, St Indract’s chapel at Halton Quay, part of a rural benefice in South East Cornwall. For many years there have been four regular services a year here – an evensong on the first sunday of summer months. A newish Vicar led the service tonight and shared a little of the vision for the building – to use it for artists, writers, a place of mission and community building. Unusually for a church building all the glass is clear and you can sit inside and look out at the amazing scenery of a tidal river with a constantly changing view.

It was exciting to hear of a desire to make a chapel which is on a busy river at a place which attracts people to fish and play into a place of mission and ministry too. It would work well as another place of pilgrimage in an area where there are lots of sacred places and historical connections. We look forward to seeing how it develops. Our first hymn was I heard the voice of Jesus say come unto me and rest – this is a good place to do that!


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