Wondering Wednesdays – thinking about gifts


Yesterday someone said to me that I had made their day. I had given her £1 to get a drink – a random act of kindness to someone who took some persuading not to pay me back! I told her about the time someone had given me chocolate in Tesco’s – I was continuing the spirit of giving.

I started reading a book called The Gift by Lewis Hyde the other day and it sparked some thinking… He writes “…a gift that cannot be given away ceases to be a gift. The spirit of a gift is kept alive by its constant donation. If this is the case, then the gifts of the inner world must be accepted as gifts in the outer world if they are to retain their vitality”.

I have not got very far into the book and need to see how his argument unfolds but this idea helps me to see why some of what I do gives me life because it is very much my inner world manifesting itself in the outer world and that is regenerative to me.

Lewis Hyde 2006 (originally published 1979) The Gift How the Creative Spirit Transforms the World Edinburgh Canongate pxxiv.


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