Go the distance – finding and keeping your passion

schumacher passion 2

I enjoy both watching and playing sport and have been fascinated by some of the stories that have been coming out of the Olympics. We have heard of people who have kept going over many years, who have given up and come back, who have been injured and persevered through to recovery. We have seen much passion. I am passionate about what I do at work, holistic spiritual care is my passion, but I will go back to work refreshed because I have had the opportunity to nurture other parts of me that I don’t always have time for.

However, I am not sure I fully agree with the quotation, in my experience sometimes the passion fades and things get in the way. Holidays are opportunities sometimes to renew and restore passion or find something fresh as we have time to rest, reflect, take stock and look at what is really important in our lives. This holiday I renewed some of my passion for fishing which I had when I was a lot younger and have restocked my tackle box and made time to fish and even caught a couple!


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