Wondering Wednedays – Faith Generation

FAith generation

This is a book about something I have committed the greater part of my working life to. I run University courses which seek to equip people to do this. It is written by a friend, and I am one of the people who have endorsed the book as I think Nick has a message that we need to hear.

I don’t have the skills to encapsulate a book in the length of blogs I usually post but I would urge those of you who are interested in this area to get a copy and have a read.

This is one of the conclusions of the book – it is deceptively simple but a challenge to implement:
Faith generation requires action to build intentional Christian communities within which young people can ‘indwell and construct’ faith identity. These ‘places to be Christian’ are unique in that they meet the needs of particular groups of young people. However, they will also have in common identifiable practices that help to affirm the plausability of Christian belief, enable young people to explore identity and meaning, and engage in acts of faith that generate experience and engagement with God (p170).

I think these are conclusions that have relevance for the whole church, not just those who work with young people.

Nick Shepherd Faith Generation London SPCK 2016.


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