Go the distance – food is not just fuel

This week’s blog title is a quote by the owner of Le Gavroche, Michel Roux Jr. Let me share with you how this connected for me this week

This week I had 2 nice experiences, very different but enjoyable.

The first was facilitating some self care sessions for Salvation Army chaplains that work in their Lifehouses (what were called hostels). As well as sharing practical ideas, I also posed some more philosophical questions such as ‘do we have time off to enjoy it for it own’s sake or just to get ready to go back to work with more energy, enthusiasm etc?

The other nice thing I got to do this week was to go to go back to a hotel I used to work in for a birthday meal (it has taken 34 years to be able to afford it). As well as having a very nice reasonably priced meal in the Dorchester Hotel Grill I was offered another treat. I mentioned to the restaurant manager, John, that I used to to work there and he said he had just spoken to another diner whose father also worked there. Long story short, we were offered a tour of The kitchens and met the chefs! It had not changed much, the kitchens were still in the same place.

We benefited from the meal not just because of the nutritional benefit. We enjoyed the meal it was well prepared. It tasted and looked wonderful, we had the best table in the restaurant, corner booth with arm rest, with leather seats!

Food and holidays can both serve several purposes simultaneously. Be nourished and
replenished at the end of this summer.


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