Wondering Wednesdays – accidental damage


I wondered why the person in the bright blue car had pulled alongside me and was gesturing wildly at me!  I had thought that the noise was wind but no, it was a puncture – along the A42 with cars and lorries thundering along and no hard shoulder!

I didn’t think I could just stop as there was no way I could do that and not cause major problems and probably put myself and the car in danger so I slowed down, put the hazard lights on and was encouraged by a lay by sign.  As I approached the lay by I then saw the closed signs but I slowed down even more and navigated through the traffic cones to get myself safe.

It was one of those double width lay bys with a pavement along the road side so I didn’t need to get out of the car in the rain.  Fortunately it was also one with a number on the emergency phone box which meant that the AA could pinpoint my position – all I knew was north of Ashby on the A42!

When the AA officer arrived and took the tyre off the bad news was that the fuel filler tank had been damaged and I couldn’t go on to work it was too dangerous to do anything but drive straight to a garage.  Despite every brake warning possible flashing up the brakes remained okay and I could drive my car back to Birmingham to our great garage Midland Link Motors who are unfailingly helpful.

I am in the fortunate position of being able to afford the rather large bill that ensued without difficulty, I cannot believe how a bit how what looks like plastic costs £120 – dealer monopolies I imagine!  However, my biggest priority was my safety and getting myself into a place where I could take stock of what had happened, that more damage happened on the way was something I had to put up with.

As I was reflecting on this it struck me how cars are not the only area where you have to cope with accidental damage.


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