Honest Christianity – Perseverance is willingness not will


This was the heading of one of the daily emails I receive. It is from a site
called Daily Good.org and it celebrates all that is good and inspirational about humanity. The quote goes on to say “Persevering does not mean being rigid and fixed, but flowing like water, willing to meet the conditions at hand yet never giving up…Things happen all the time in this world that can make you feel as if the ground is giving way beneath your feet. Things that you think are solid and unchanging are not. The body that seemed so reliable, the relationship you thought would last for life, the narrative about your life you took to be reality, everything is subject to change. What can we trust in such a world?” Tracy Cochran http://wc4.net/t?r=3555&c=2346&l=2&ctl=79B5:725C9BA862691D5D5DF95A3EB328E988&>;

We understand perseverance as not giving up, and possibly being expressed by a solid stone wall or perhaps almost hard nosed, gritted teeth, not giving an inch. This quote gives us another way of staying in there, to be more flexible, fluid about why we don’t give up. We often find in times and situations like this, we often discover new ways of moving forward, solutions, not giving up, new resources in God, our community and ourselves.

We are both needing to persevere at the moment, work is very busy, key staff off for Paul, new term and new responsibilities for Sally? What can we trust? Being equipped in the flow of the Holy Spirit to help us keep on going, not giving up.

The mailing always finishes with a Be the change….

Be The Change
As you face challenges today, persevere, not in a rigid, fixed, determined-outcome sort of way, but gently, “flowing like water, willing to meet the conditions at hand yet never giving up”.


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