Wondering Wednesdays – little things


I love marmite. My heart leaps if I see it on a breakfast table when I am away which sounds a little shallow I must admit. However, being able to eat toast and marmite for breakfast virtually every day has been one of the little things that has helped me to make wiser choices over what I am eating. I start the day eating something I love.

It is often the little things that make or break us. In the scheme of things coming downstairs in the morning and finding that my phone has not charged properly is a trivial issue and one which I can easily overcome. But it gives rise to feelings of frustration, it irritates me. There are other similar examples and I realise I should be less irritated and more full of peace and grace at times. I understand the concept of the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Sometimes we are unaware of the cumulative impact of things upon us until we lose it over something very small and on the outside often quite silly.

While it can be helpful to think about the little things that lead to unmerited irritation and what that may say about us and how we may need to change a bit let’s also remember to think about those little things that are treats, lift our spirits and make the day feel a bit brighter.


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