Wondering Wednesdays – silent messengers


One of our students was wearing a lovely tartan jacket yesterday so I was inspired to find a Scottish picture. This is Ailsa Craig off the Ayrshire close – it has its own facebook page and twitter feed!

I am using it to illustrate one of the passages from our Ignatian daily readings book which says something of the way that God speaks to me often – including last night’s sky which I didn’t take a picture of:

All around us, Providence has placed hosts of silent messengers who can lead us without effort by paths of love to the holy springs of peace. Water, wood, fishes, the morning dew, the cock crowing at dawn, should all be able to inspire our prayer. Clothes and flowers, perfumes and pearls, the wind whistling past, the bread on the table, the jug, the chair and roof – all these things have been sanctified, all these things have been loaded with blessings and divine inspiration by the Word.

Pierre Charles – The Prayer of All Things reading for 2nd September An Ignatian Book of Days


One thought on “Wondering Wednesdays – silent messengers

  1. Does this include the street child, the street worker, the shanty, the queu at the food bank etc etc.? That’s what I’m trying to get my students to grasp as part of our spiritual journey and spiritual exercise.

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