Wondering Wednesdays – out of control


It feels like my computer is out of control and this causes me so much frustration! On Monday evening I had a very important piece of work to do and it decided it needed to update. There appeared no way to stop it doing that and for the next ninety minutes or so I sat frustrated thinking of all that I needed to do but couldn’t! I don’t tend to watch those futuristic films where robots take over the world but I am beginning to understand them and certainly the novel 1984 feels very pertinent at times!

My computer allows me to define my working day when it will not be updated but only allows that to be 12 hours. Now I can see some wisdom in that but I don’t really want a computer telling me how I should work. I have to admit that I can be a bit of a control freak at times and don’t always feel comfortable being out of control but also think that technology should be there to make life easier whereas I spend far too long waiting for my computer to decide to comply with my request – it sometimes feels like a stroppy child that doesn’t want to do what their parent is asking!

It is not an area where I have found a great deal of success in practising the presence of God and using a delay as an opportunity to be still and rest – patience is a fruit of the spirit I need a bit more of!


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