Wondering Wednesdays – promoting wellbeing


Yesterday Paul and I went to the Boost conference in London which was on wellbeing for those involved in work with children, young people and families. There were many things we enjoyed about it. One was that well over 100 people had booked in to learn about this vital topic. Another was the great balance of female and male speakers and leaders when this is not the culture in many Christian conferences. Another was the very practical topics being offered – emotional and mental wellbeing; stress/anxiety/ knowing your limits/ discipleship and spirituality; do Christians laugh/ contemplative practices/ identity and wellbeing/ online health; spiritual wellbeing.

We were able to share some of the work and research we have been involved in as well as lead some practical activities in the contemplative practices workshop. We got into some great conversations and were able to listen to some inspiring talks too. Special mention to Oxford DYO for his stand up act and an encouragement to bring humour into what we do. His stories of some of the things church leaders accidentally say were brilliant! We also got free copies of Youthwork and Children’s work magazine to take away.

As you can imagine we are both committed to the idea of life long learning and value conferences like this planned by a consortium of training agencies who want to see the quality of work with children, young people and families enhanced.


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