Go the distance – resilience starts with attitude


We picked up a book yesterday called Soulfulness by Brian Draper. It introduced me to a new word – the Danish, hygge:

The soulful way, however, is not to escape, but to confront our reality, and to lovingly reconnect with it, which helps transform it.  Something good can emerge from within even the darkest or most difficult circumstances when we resist the urge to flee and instead we reach to embrace.  With that in mind, I love the principle of hygge (pronounced hyerga) which is the Danish way of tackling some of the coldest and darkest winters you can experience in the northern hemisphere.  Hygge is not a form of escape, but a way of living within the difficult conditions, which in turn transforms them into something beautiful – while providing great inspiration for us all, wherever we find ourselves.  The Danes, lest we forget, are officially some of the happiest people on the planet…and hygge is part of the reason why.  Hygge then is a concept,, an idea, a way of being – hard to define precisely, and even harder to translate, but it relates to a sate of cosy yet profound simplicity.  It is about the lovely, simple pleasures of life – such as drawing the curtains against the dark and the cold, lighting candles, kindling a fire, putting on our warm socks, making a hot drink and settling in with a group of friends or relatives. p162-3

It reminded me of the phrase don’t pray for an easy life, pray to be a strong person. Most of the time I have the energy to do this. Sometimes I just wish life was not as
difficult as it sometimes is. This term offers something slightly different, it is more like‘there is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothing!’ Many folks do not enjoy
the darker nights, autumn, bringing in winter. The insight seems to be, when it is cold, find something to enjoy doing in the cold.

Reference  Brian Draper  Soulfulness  London  Hodder and Stoughton 2016.


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