Honest Christianity – unbearable, bearable


This was the phrase used in a story I heard at church today about how a family who had experienced extreme tragedy. There were no answers just practical help, no trite comfort, just giving support. At the hospital this week we had our first planning meeting for a project called Schwartz Rounds. They are an international project which provide a reflection group to help caring staff process the exceptional difficulties they experience in their daily work. They are counter cultural to normal debrief groups, in that they are not designed to problem solve. They seek to provide a safe environment to share and process challenges, not give answers .

The Godly desires many of us have, when we see others struggling, is too make it better. The default is to give answers , the lessons and insights from above is that there is another way. To come alongside, to be available, journey with. Sometimes this is harder for us to do, but often when there are no easy answers to the sadness we see around us, this is the most appropriate and respectful
response to the complexities of our own and other’s difficulties.


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