Honest Christianity – I do believe but I don’t practise


I was listening to the radio this morning and a woman responded to a question about if she had any person faith saying ”I do believe but I don’t practise it”. What an interesting turn of phrase and self understanding. She was then asked when she last prayed and she said “about two weeks ago”.

What a fascinating definition of “not a practising Christian”. She prays to God who she believes in! I would love to know what she thinks a practising Christian does and believes? What do we believe? Something around personal relationship? Well she prays. Believe God loves us and Jesus died for us to have a relationship? She believes that God exists and is
interested enough in her to hear her prayers and potentially answer them. Trust in God with the whole of our lives? Well she is looking to God for some of her life.

I wonder how we engage with her? I would ask the question I mentioned earlier, what she thinks a practising Christian does and believes? Well I hope we would encourage her in what she does have and does. I would assure her of God’s love and desire to relate with her from where she is . Perhaps a way to engage with the many folks who are in this or similar position, affirmation not condemnation.


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