Wondering Wednesday – coming in or going out?


I don’t know which way the tide is going in this picture – it is a long while since I took it. Marazion and St Michael’s Mount are another one of our places of pilgrimage. The building on the top was a Benedictine Abbey and twice a day would have been cut off from the mainland. I enjoy walking across to the island when the path is covered with water although that always feels slightly safer when the tide is going out.

Tides can be a useful metaphor when life is difficult, they help us to remember that there is both an ebb and a flow. Sadly, in life it isn’t always even and sometimes the turn seems to take so long to happen… I don’t know if we are at a tide turning place at the moment. There are so many things happening where you want to say wake up, make the changes that are needed. I write this when we have in Birmingham a week of kindness and where I see on social media some people in the USA are using the phrase “make America kind again”. Ir would be wonderful if a tide of kindness began to sweep the nation and then somehow the tide didn’t turn again!

As the saying goes, if you think you are too small to make a difference you have never been in bed with a mosquito.


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