Friday photo – taste and see


This is a picture of what was laid out for us as we entered chapel for our Midlands CYM worship led by a second year student, Tonia. There were different stations to reflect and share stories in relation to aspects of food and drink in the Bible. I started at the quail and manna and she had cooked a quail which tasted wonderful and was a new experience for me.

The time, the care, the thought that went into this worship was a real blessing. I am more often leading worship than being led in worship so it is very special when I get the opportunity to just participate. The manna was particularly delicious – pistachios in it – not quite what I have always pictured the manna we read about in Exodus but a contemporary interpretation more based on what it meant perhaps than what it was. Tonia finished by leading us in a discussion where we thought about how this activity was worship and built community and then we prayed short prayers of thanks for all that God gives us. A privilege to be a part of it.

Can you guess what all the stories are from the food you can see?


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