Friday photo – Christmas isn’t Christmas…

…without seeing the Cotehele garland


Every year the gardeners at the National Trust Property Cotehele in Cornwall grow flowers that will be made to make a unique Christmas garland. Unlike many of us they don’t get out last year’s and make do, they start from scractch. This year it is their diamond anniversary so they purposefully grew white flowers to represent diamonds. It is hung in a beautiful hall with a real log fire and not a lot of lighting – very atmospheric.

The time and energy that goes into creating the garland which is on display for eight weeks at the most is amazing. But it is an every changing thing of beauty, each year I look to see what the differences are, if there are new flowers or a different colour theme… I appreciate artistic gifts and putting time and effort into creating a thing of beauty brings much joy to people. I feel a sense of awe when I enter and that feeds my spirit.


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