Wondering Wednesdays – I did it!

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of badges and certificates for all sorts of things but I am particularly proud of this one – a target member of Slimming World. I have struggled with weight all of my life and have tried most diets going at some point in time. In October 2015 I finally decided I couldn’t do it on my own and joined Slimming World. Fourteen months later I hit my target weight having lost 4st 5lbs and I now have a BMI not in the overweight category!

The test will be what I weigh this time next year I imagine as I have lost weight before only to see it creep back on. Marie who runs the club I go to asked for a before picture and I found some of our silver wedding trip photos from five years ago – there is a big difference! Marie took a picture of me and then showed it to me and it sort of didn’t look like me. The booklet I was given talks about the mind catching up with the body and I know what they mean. I still have some work to do, some of my vocabulary isn’t great – I still talk about being good when what I mean is making healthy choices. I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have had from colleagues, friends and family and particularly to Paul who lets me have a bite of all sorts of lovely things when more than a bit isn’t helpful!


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