Wondering Wednesdays – sharing our journey


This is a piece of art constructed around a spoken word offering from one of her friends. It has stayed in my head since I saw it a couple of weeks ago on Lydia’s facebook page where she has posted a lot of her art. Both the words and the image spoke to me. I have been pondering about a story I have told now many times that acted as one of the triggers for my research and I think in the ..healing has come some healing. I want to explore this in a journal article when I have some space.

I am full of admiration for those who share their personal stories, often at great cost to themselves. The recent revelations about sexual abuse in sport are an example of how once a few people come out and say something then others have the courage to do so too. It is not easy baring wounds and some reactions can perhaps deepen them but sharing our journeys is part of what and who we are called to be as the people of God. It is important we share good stories too although that can be hard to do without feeling like we are boasting and for many of us that is countercultural or has been socialized out of us. In my research on shame I struggled a bit with some of the Apostle Paul’s writings but in understanding a little more about the cultural conventions of the day for public speaking I was able to put it into a context where it made sense and jarred a little less. Thus last week I rejoiced in getting to my target weight but in getting there I was encouraged by hearing and reading stories of others who had got there and began to believe that I might do so too.

Thank you Lydia for inspiring this post.


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