Friday photo – light of the world


This is Birmingham Children’s Hospital Chapel at Christmas – what is missing in the photo is the word “world” as I couldn’t quite get everything I wanted in. For the carol service and for three evenings next week the chapel is lit by candle light and all around are different things that speak to us of Christmas. The four central candles were those lit for the intercessions in the service. The Altar front was made by the wonderful Tina Milne and her team who pray and so and create beautiful things used in many places around the world for worship. Their gift is such a blessing and each time I walk in and see it the little flame of home within is nourished.

The Carol Service yesterday was a beautiful celebration of the Christmas story which drew in many people who helped make it happen, the choir, the actors in the sketches, the team that got chapel ready and put it back, the CEO came and read the first lesson dressed as an elf! And the children from the school, their families, other children and staff were there to celebrate the amazing story that God became human and lived among us.


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