Honest Christianity – making it up as we go along

animalsThis week I will be leading a service on a renal unit. It is something I do every year and it is normally a combination of the nativity story and the cultural trend of the time. We have done Christmas gangnam style, a onesie Christmas, a Muppet Christmas carol and of course, Frozen!

This year will be slightly different, the ward manager has ordered 13+ different balloon animals, they have legs and a lead! the fun will be that they are visiting during the nativity service but I do not know what ones she has ordered. So as well as potentially the traditional donkey, sheep and camels, we will see what more unusual animals turn up on the way to Bethlehem, in the stable, what the shepherds are looking after and what the kings are riding!!

So out of necessity it will have to be a bit of making it up as we go along, hopefully we’ll have lots of fun and celebrate and retell the story of Emmanuel, God with us in our world and still with us today in our hospital.


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