Honest Christianity – help me be sensible


We were on a coach today in New Zealand along hairpin roads and the driver explained  that if there were several cars behind you then you are obliged to pull over to let them through.  An odd rule for those of us in the UK. The driver explained that it was to discourage those behind from overtaking in dangerous places.  We even saw a police officer who had pulled over a camper van that was holding coaches up.

What an interesting nay to apportion reponsibility.  You are obliged to help me not be tempted to do something irresponsible to myself and possibly others.  I am sure some folks think we need to take responsibility nor our own actions regardless of how others act.

I am not sure where else this could be applied but as regular readers know I am a fan of the synergy between responsibility and rights. We live and die and drive with each other.


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