Honest Christianity – what is it worth having scars for?


This morning in church someone read out an Eddie Askew reflection as part of our service. This was the story at the heart of the reflection:
A man died and went to heaven, after signing in and completing all the formalities he went for a walk. He expected heavenly choirs and halos but at least the weather was good, not too hot not too cold just right.
Going a little way down the hill he met an angel. The Angel greeted him cheerfully, well you’d expect that in heaven wouldn’t you, then began to look him up and down with great interest. The Angel walked all around the man taking his time and inspecting him from every angle and looking more and more puzzled. “What are you doing?” asked the man as near to irritation as anyone in heaven could be. “Sorry” replied the Angel “I should have explained I was looking for your wounds”. “My wounds” said the man “but I haven’t got any wounds”. There was a long pause and the Angel asked quietly “But was there nothing in your world worth fighting for?”

I guess what we are willing to be hurt for is different for each one of us. But surely there must be at least one thing, one oppression, one part of the world, one people group? The life and especially the death of Jesus would suggest He thought so, and it was us, humanity that was worth being wounded for.
What will your wounds be from?


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