Honest Christianity – not giving up

_92970480_lowery3Last weekend was the American football final, the Superbowl. The eventual winners, the New England Patriots, came from way behind very late in the game to beat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. This is a quote from today’s Observer newspaper .

“All these dramatic dramatic comebacks are duly celebrated and remembered precisely because of what they say about resilience and the ability to recover from disappointment. Yes, no one dies and there are are plenty more impressive stories in cancer wards across the country. But somehow sport- indeed multimillionaire athletes- can condense and capture something of the essence of what it is to be human”.

I am glad the writer had some perspective, but as someone who does work with dying children, their families, their care and medical staff and plays competitive golf, inspiration to be the best human being I can be, is found in those who do not ever give up until it is all over and then do so graciously. But those in our hospitals and hospices do it better and best.


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