Wondering Wednesdays – sweet spots


Golf clubs, baseballs and cricket bats, and tennis rackets all have sweet spots.  Human lives do, too.  The sweet spot on a tennis racket is that place near the center of the strings where the vibrations transmitted through the impact of the ball cancel themselves out, making players nearly unaware that the impact has occurred.  Hitting the sweet spot, therefore, feels natural and almost effortless.  It allows the players to invest their energies into playing the game, not merely hitting the ball.  As effortless as it feels, however, the sweet spot is difficult to locate and hit regularly.  A player must practice hard, paying careful attention to how each swing feels under changing conditions, most especially the pressure of competition.  Just as the sweet spot of a racket is found by adjusting to continuous impacts made by a ball moving in the opposite direction, so your internal sweet spot tends to be revealed through direct challenge.  You keep adjusting your responses until they begin coming from a place where you feel most fully yourself – most fully free, yet wholeheartedly engaged and alive (Elnes 2015:9).

Yesterday I spent some time reflecting with someone on a sweet spot area for me – I have an action plan to put into place and hope when we meet again that I can report back that I found the sweet spot!

Elnes, E.  (2015)  Gifts of the Dark Wood.  Nashville:  Abingdon.


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