Honest Christianity – what would we wait to go to heaven for?


It depends how Godly I am feeling, I am in no rush, I enjoy my life especially my wife and opportunities of service. I am willing to hang around for a few more achievements and enjoyments, especially if one or two of them were a trike and small boat!

As regular readers will know we use a different annual daily reading notes book. This year we are using “Life with Lucas”. Jeff is a much known and loved writer and speaker whose ministry we have appreciated for many years since meeting him when working for YFC. This book is in six 2 monthly sections and the first 2 months ofthe year has been around relationships . Jeff’s reflection this weekend has been around the apostle Paul being ready for Heaven but being willing to stay for the sake of his committed relationships to people like Timothy.

I wonder outside of our families, if this would be true for the majority of us? I love being around people, relating, serving, supporting but Jeff is proposing Paul has a different perspective. Time to reassess the purpose of life, yet again!


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