Honest Christianity – how would we define healthy spirituality?


Healthy spirituality is life-giving – I read this short definition in a book called Transforming Spirituality.

This is helpful I think. It should lift our spirits, soothe our heart pain. It should be good for our physical, mental and emotional health. It would seem many of us find similar activities life giving , being in and around nature , the presence of friends. This suggests that there are common spiritual needs such as being connected, meaning making, finding purpose.

But I wonder if this is sharp enough. Can something be life giving to me but oppressive to someone else? Is this ok? Agreed we do not need to find life in the same things, but my individual rights must be held in tension. My life giving spirituality cannot be 1ife sapping to others and be fully valid.

The authors were quoting a colleague in the short defintion but then went on to suggest that health conducive forms of spirituality are:
intentionally embodied
developmentally generative
relationally connected
justice enhancing
narratively coherent (Shults and Sandage 2006 p210).
This is something to think about further for my work and life.


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