Friday photo – reverie


I love swings and I got to play on this one yesterday. I spent many happy hours on a swing at the park and at home when I was a child. Every time I see an American programme or film with a swing on a porch or veranda I am envious. We perhaps don’t really have the climate for it in the UK but the idea of sitting in such a place fills me with delight. A swing is a place to sit and ponder and be reminded of the playfulness of childhood.

This week a group of us were given 20 minutes just to go and be outside in some wonderful grounds that contained this swing. We were exploring reverie “a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts” and talked about spontaneous thought and our minds wandering and the benefits of this. We were told to leave all electronic things behind! I spend a little too much time multitasking and the exercise helped me to realise the benefits of some down time when I am not distracted by a phone or trying to accomplish something!


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