Honest Christianity – renewable hate or renewable love


What are we motivated by?

Hate is nature’s most perfect energy source, it’s endless renewable. Bobby Axelrod

This is a quote from one of our favourite tv series at the moment, Billions. It is about investment speculation in the US, staring Damian Lewis. This is his character’s response to dealing with his enemies.

We heard it as we watched television this week – and sadly it resonated.  It feels like every time we listen to the news or look at social media that there is hate seeping out in so many different contexts.  I am not sure what I have really hated in my life. But is do recall a few times feeling I had leaning or temptation that way towards a few people and situations. Feelings of justification as I or others have been grieved or from my perspective, sinned against.

As Christians love is our more 360 wholesome,  beneficial response. For lent this year I am choosing to think, respond, pray, bless positively for those who actions oppress me and others. It’s hard work, but so far love is heaven’s more perfect, eternal renewable energy source.


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