Honest Christianity – fighting pride with sacrifice

Whatever one thinks of the role of the Father in either allowing, needing, permitting , advocating, demanding the death of Jesus, one thing is clear, Jesus is willing to be obedient. I love thinking about the interaction of the different persons of the Trinity. OK Jesus, this is for you, Holy Spirit you’re up! Jesus’ fully human time brings us fresh and inspiring insights this week. Jesus is willing to be the accountable servant, to do what is required, tofeel liberated to comment, ask questions of the Father, but ultimately to do what it takes for humanity’s greater good.

This is our initial challenge for this week leading up to the cross and the rest of the year. Not just for the hope of resurrection and new life but for its own sake. But let’s be honest, regardless of how much Jesus knew would happen from persecution, to death, to resurrection, to ascension, we know God has been previously faithful, so we trust God again when sacrifice is required.


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