Go the distance – sleeping beauty

This was an image we saw in Stratford upon Avon yesterday. Isn’t it a beautiful sight? The swan was sleeping only a few yards from the path we were walking on near the river. The swan took no notice of us as we walked past, then stopped and took photos. I am not sure that I have ever been allowed to get that close to a sedate swan before. The feeling of peace we received as we watched was over whelming, I was even slightly envious. What was interesting was the swan was so unusually still, we did speculate if it was ill. On reflection, isn’t it interesting that if one of us was that still, we might first wonder was was wrong rather than assume they were in a place of rest or contemplation. I need to look for moments to embrace that peace and stillness – even if they are fleeting as to sustain the times I am more active I need to have corresponding times of rest.


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