Wondering Wednesdays – the road to where?


I know where this goes as I took the picture and as it happens it goes to one of my favourite places – a path leading to views of Godrevy lighthouse and the seals. However, a lot of time at the moment it feels like I am on a road and I am not quite sure where it is going. That is not necessarily a bad thing but as someone who prefers certainty and likes to know what is happening it can feel like a difficult place to be. But just as I always need to remember that the Bible is addressed to communities I am also feeling the same sort of insecurity about where the road is going big picture. I have voted at every possible opportunity since I turned 18 and do so as I have often said before with a sense of gratitude for those who campaigned and made sacrifices for me to be able to do so safely and easily. I was very despondent to see that the turnout for the Mayor was under 30% and I wish that you had to vote as is the case in Australia then at least there would genuinely be a mandate as opposed to the claims that are currently made which relate to minorities of the population even if a majority of those who voted. Please vote.


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