Wondering Wednesdays – so they’re leaving

So yesterday we said goodbye to our third years. I counted up, that is the fifteenth group I have said goodbye to since the Midlands Institute for Children Youth and Mission started back in 1999. This year it was Nigel’s turn as year tutor to sit with each person and hear them reflect on their time on the course and reflect back some of what we saw too.

We next meet at the end of October when they graduate and it will be good to meet again and hear what God has done in the interim. There are moves, weddings, job applications and who knows what ahead for some of them between them and now.

I am particularly proud of this group as they have overcome so much and persevered and persevered and supported each other and cheered each other on so we could get to yesterday. Our leaving service involved each person playing their part and they took away wooden blocks with messages from each other and God on them.

On Friday night I was at the Quinton YFC fundraiser and watched Dani again organize a brilliant evening – another of our MCYM graduates who has done so much in fulfilling her calling and making life different, making life better for many young people. I am so encouraged seeing what our students go on to do, I do not underestimate what a privilege it is to be called to a job such as mine when I get to see people grow, develop, blossom and amaze me in how they make a unique contribution in their particular place in the world.

God bless the class of 2017.


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