Wondering Wednesdays – on not being Joe Cool

Joe cool

I bought a pair of Vans shoes today, given the shop I bought them in I assume that it is a fashionable brand but I have no idea. I have never been Joe Cool. I never really had the attributes to be Joe Cool and I am not sure I ever aspired to be Joe Cool. I have never enjoyed being the centre of attention and generally have been more of a fade into the background type of person. That doesn’t mean I don’t love the different up front roles I have – but they are vocational, they are who God has called me to be and they don’t really require me to be Joe Cool although I do see a little of that in some of the cultures I inhabit. My shoes have all sorts of Peanuts characters on – not fully sure what they will go with but I have loved Peanuts since a young child and so admire Charles Schulz as someone who gave so much to his community and created characters people like me could identify with. At different times I can see how I have draw solace from seeing things I have experienced or felt in Peanuts, I have felt more normal and that has been so important. So I will wear my shoes with great delight remembering how Charles Schulz communicated his faith through his cartoons and lived out his values in his community.


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