Wondering Wednesdays – the faceless priest

faceless priest
On Friday I was at a gathering exploring research into ministry practice. One of the presentations was on understandings of leading worship and the faceless priest was one metaphor. I cannot be a faceless priest. While I do not want to be a distraction when I lead worship to say that I am doing it as anything other than Sally for me is a denial that God called the whole of who I am. I appreciate that others have a different understanding but it has taken me many years to get to where I am now and my ordination was part of becoming who God had created me to be not an opportunity to withdraw from it. I am mindful that in the next couple of weeks friends are being ordained as deacons and as priests, my prayer for them is that the unique gift of who they are has the opportunity to flourish and that they can be a deacon or priest in a way that feels authentic, that is shaped by God not by the expectations or pressure of others.


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