Wondering Wednesdays – the work of the Holy Spirit

We had a message on Facebook this week from a friend who described something that had happened to her and was wondering what it was. The wisdom that she was given was that it may well be the work of the Holy Spirit. The next day I was catching up with some of my reading and came across this in a journal article in Practical Theology and it reminded me again of how significant that element of my spirituality was. I will forever be grateful to a Church Army student named Graham who gave me a copy of Nine O’Clock in the Morning which set me off on a journey exploring a new dimension of spirituality for me.

Donal Dorr writes this:
To sum up, inspiration from the Holy Spirit is a share in the ‘life-breath’ of God, which comes to us as a free and unpredictable grace. Because it is truly divine we cannot express it adequately in any single phrase. We can, however, describe various ways in which it finds expression:
It often comes as a new insight or vision, or a deep understanding and wisdom, or a vivid conviction of some truth.
It frequently finds expression in a new spiritual energy, commitment, zeal, eagerness, the healing of psychological and spiritual wounds or addictions, and the bodily endurance which comes as a grace to keep one going when ordinary human resources have been exhausted.
The Spirit also inspires deep feelings and sensations such as wonder, awe, joy, sorrow, love, trust, fear, strength, fragility and hope.

Reference: Donal Dorr The Holy Spirit as Source, Power and Inspiration for Spiritual Practice. Practical Theology 10(1) March 2017 5-19.


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