Honest Christianity – naming my mistakes: humiliating or liberating?


Many of us across our Christian traditions will be used to the regular encouragement to confess our sins, either in our liturgies, our quiet times or confessor / spiritual director. This could and probably sometimes does feel a little humiliating and or embarrassing. What about chatting to others or even God, if something was a sin, a mistake, an oops. I don’t know about you but sometimes I am just not sure what it is. I am not seeking to be proud or ever so, ever so humble, but sometimes when I reflect back on my day or week, I am just not sure what it has been. I have previously blogged around needing God’s perspective. This has helped me this week as I have been in several situations when I have sought to discern what I have done, said, what has been heard, received by others and especially God’s view of what happened at the time, motives and consequences. When I have worried, been anxious and not been in a good place, I have had the need to pray and ask God what He thinks, how God views understands, what happened.

The consequence has been on several occasions I have sensed harm did not happen, so my spirit has felt released and liberated. Other times I have sensed I made mistakes and hurt was received by other and God. To name these during confessions and prayers has been an appropriate and needed response. Ironically, the same release and liberation has been felt and an ability to move on to a good or better place.

My default in the past has been if in doubt, ask for forgiveness. This has felt like the safe, best option, just in case. Perhaps, this approach has the merit of being a humble one, it is a bit too blunt to discern, grow and mature in to all God requires of and resources me to be. What can be better, healing , restorative than God’s perspective of my life? Just need to walk, live close enough to God to know, hear, receive it, ah, that sounds like the challenge, but it seems worth it!


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