Go the distance – happy 100th birthday!


Today Sally and I went to the 100th birthday celebration for St Germain’s church. This was the church that we first went to when we arrived in Birmingham almost 30 years ago. It was where I (reluctantly) explored ordination. It was encouraging to hear how the church was the only one to be built and finished during WWI and replanted by our next door neighbour parish in the 80s.

We were only there a few years, we brought Youth for Christ volunteers to the church, helped start detached youth work and Birmingham YFC. It was lovely to catch up with those who looked after us and those we developed projects with. It was inspiring to hear how the church has sought to change and serve their local community with a place of welcome, stay and play and food projects. It has never been a large church but it has a long list of those it has sent out in ministry and service. It was formative in our lives and the number of people who had travelled miles to come back to celebrate too suggested it was formative for many. It was encouraging hearing stories over the wonderful refreshments of what God had been doing in people’s lives and in the church and to see so many clergy who had started their journey there. We were very blessed to be a a part of it.


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