Honest Christianity – no rules life


This morning I was doing my first storytelling in our children’s group at church. I was looking forward to it but would have preferred a different story to start this opportunity. We are doing a series on Exodus and it was the story of God giving Moses the 10 commandments in Exodus 20. As I chatted to a children’s worker at work she told me they often used the idea of no rules sports to help show the usefulness and essential need of rules. Given several of the kids are seriously into football (soccer to those in the US), we started the session with a discussion on how useful rules are to them on the pitch. One of the lads eloquently demonstrated this with an imitation of a studs up sliding tackle on someone! Fortunately there were no studs and no contact but as they had a go at no rules football they, they enthusiastically thought how much fun this will be with no rules! the game quickly begun to resemble rugby, one of the lads came up from the bottom of the pile, realising first hand why his favourite game was better played with rules. I thanked him for his sacrifice in illustrating our point of how useful most rules are for our wellbeing, safety and how life best works for us .


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