Wondering Wednesdays – with suspicious minds

I took this photo on Monday on my way to a CYM Board meeting. I am conflicted going to London. The title of this blog is from an Elvis song – we can’t go on together are the words that precede it. On the underground I suddenly realised I was standing by what looked like an unattended suitcase. I don’t like the suspicion that goes through my mind for what is a regular sight – someone travelling sits in an end seat rucksack on their lap and case alongside but design makes it look detached. I can’t stop the instinctual feeling but I don’t like it. How do we go on together with suspicious minds? And what is the difference between suspicion and caution? Do they look different? Do they feel different? I am at least mindful of my assumptions and prejudices and can choose to act differently but I am sad that things have happened that have planted those seeds of suspicion and am immensely grateful for colleagues and friends who plant seeds of hope and offer a different narrative.


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