Friday photo – creativity and community


I was delighted yesterday to be working form home – unusual for a Thursday – as this gave me the opportunity to go with a friend to the Real Junk Food Kitchen lunch that is part of the community work in our parish and part of a wider initiative

I love the creativity of the project where those who are cooking see what food turns up and devise a menu from it. You can turn up and have a three course meal and pay what you feel or can afford. It was a wonderfully eclectic group there yesterday and the room was buzzing with chatter. The volunteers create a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere and the quality of the food is great! You also get the chance to buy some groceries that would otherwise be discarded by major supermarkets. I came home with avocados – a real treat! I also came away full of admiration for the volunteers who work so hard to make a hospitable community space where people can gather and be fed. It is such a blessing.


One thought on “Friday photo – creativity and community

  1. gluten free oats for 20p! was so chuffed to find them a good home with someone i knew there with gf partner and on benefits. that crumble was awesome. people ask me why i go to church over in hodge hill when i live in erdington. Because things like this. This isn’t our church’s thing bit we have so many people who are involved with real solution-not-problem stuff 🙂

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