Honest Christianity – the value of going nowhere

Devotional book

As some of our regular readers will we both like to use a new daily devotional book each year. This year Sally gave me The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living by Father Thomas Keating. This quote is from our first weeks readings. I liked the way it was put at the beginning, but it became less resonant, more “really?” as it went on. I have not heard it put this way before. Here it is, what do you think?

The spiritual journey does not require going anywhere because God is already with us and in us. It is a question of allowing an ordinary thoughts to recede into the background and to float along the river of consciousness without and noticing them, while we direct our attention towards the river on which they are floating. We are like someone sitting on the bank of a river and watching the boats go by. If we stay on the bank, with our attention on river rather than on the boats, the capacity to disregard thoughts as they go by will develop, and a deeper kind of attention will emerge.

Desiring a slow attentive journey into 2018


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